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Hoverboard Charger: How To Spot A Working Charger

It's time to unbox the gift you received or the package you ordered to see how amazing your hoverboard is. Before using your self-balancing scooter it's better to test if everything is working properly and the accessories are in good condition. The charger of the hoverboard is one of the things we need to ensure that it is not broken. Don't get too excited, not all hoverboards that you are going to receive are fully charged and it is also possible that the charger might be defective so it's better to check it first before hovering around. Here's how to test the charger is its defective or not:

  • 1.Plug in the hoverboard. Make sure that there is a red light on the charger when it is plugged in.
  • 2.If there is no light, either your charger is broken or the electrical outlet is not getting power. Test the electrical outlet with another working device. If it will charge with another device then it means that your charger is not working and you need a new charger.
  • 3.If there is a red light when you plugged in, charge your self balancing scooter for 2-3 hours. This is the usual charging time to give you a full battery. After charging unplug it and press the switch button to turn it on.
  • 4.If the hoverboard doesn’t turn on, there is a high possibility that this due to wiring problem. You may need to contact your seller regarding this so they can evaluate and troubleshoot the problem.
  • 5.If the lights on top of your hoverboard is green, it indicates that is has been charged. If both lights are green and the battery will be emptied too fast when you ride on your hoverboard, it can indicate a problem with your charger or battery.

Light Indicators:

  • Green Light blinking = low battery, typically less than 20% power remaining.
  • Red Light = red light appears and at the same time the hoverboard is beeping, it indicates the battery is low, typically less than 5% power remaining.

When you found out that your charger has a problem it is important to contact your seller and ask for a replacement charger if it is still under warranty, if not then you can buy a charger for your hoverboard.

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