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Hoverboard Deals at Alien Wheels

Hover boards have definitely made a stir in the past months. Everyone is going crazy to get the best hover boards, now you can get it too from Alien Wheels which is one of the largest place to sell these hover boards. Alien Wheels has a large variety of hover boards, and they are also offering some amazing deals. Some of the deals are enlisted here so if you are interested keep reading and go to the Wheels to grab your favorite hover board.

  • Alien Board Batwing Self Balancing Hover board This is one of the best hover boards which has a lot of features in it. It has a Bluetooth Speaker. Along with that it has a free carry bag. However, it is available in two colors now which are Camo blue and pink. These two colors are left which are limited edition. So make sure that you grab your favorite color as soon as possible. It can be yours for $298 now. This is a really awesome deal. The hover boards which were above $500, is now available at the half of the price. It has LED lights along with the charging time of 22-3 hours. Its maximum speed is 7.5 MPH. A user's manual, and a charger is a must have in the packaging. What else you want?
  • If you are looking for some hoverboards yet the best looking hover board then Batwing Self Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth speaker. It is available in color Black, Matte Purple, White, Camo Blue, Pink, Blue starry and Astral colors. However, only limited supply of these so if you are interested hurry up and get it. You can buy this for only $298. This comes with a free carry bag along with a one year warranty.

  • As it is a Black Friday season, and you are looking for the deals. So here is the one you are waiting for. Alien Wheels offers a Pre-Black Friday sale which starts today. This provides you an opportunity to get your favorite hover boards. Buy 2 hover boards and save up to $30. You can buy the Batwing hover board for $298. The hover boards which were available for $509 before, are available at very low prices. Do not miss this opportunity and rush to your nearest place to get this.
  • Alpha Q Smart Balance Wheel with Bluetooth speaker is available for $278. It has a free carry bad and comes with 1 year warranty. This is available in 4 color. As far as the range is concerned it can go up to 7.5 miles with the maximum speed of 7.5 MPH. It has a 1-2 hours of charging time. It comes with a user manual and a UL certified charger.
  • Alien Board Mars ONE V2 8.5" Hover board is what you need this year. It is the best because it is connected with the mobile app, has Bluetooth system and what not. All the hover boards have three modes which are beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. You can buy it for $378.

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