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Price Comparison of Hoverboards in 2017

There are so many options in the market when you set to buy a hoverboard. There are several brands and models to choose from which can put you in a frenzy of which one to pick from. The prices of these hoverboards also vary from brand to brand. Some are expensive while others are very affordable. It is recommended that you buy a hoverboard that is expensive in comparison because high-priced hoverboards are also better in quality. But there are many which are affordable yet offer good quality performance as well. Here is a list of price comparison of some of the best hoverboards of 2017:

1.AlienBoard Batwings

Alien Wheels Batwings hoverboards have made quite a hit among customer not just because of quality and design but also because they are relatively cheaper than many others. BatWings hoverboard comes in multi colors: camo blue, black, white, matte purple, and pink. They offer speed of 7.5MPH and come with reliable and certified batteries with Samsung/LG cells which keep them from overheating as you speed up. This UL2272 certified self-balancing scooter costs only $298 which is relatively cheaper than its rivals. You can order it at Alien Board official store.

2.SwagTron T6

This self-balancing UL2272 certified scooter comes in three colors: Pink Camo, Desert Camo and Black. It can carry individuals of up to 380lbs which makes it one of the most reliable options for many people. Awarded number 1 hoverboard of 2017 it is a hoverboard that offers 11.6MPH of speed thus making it ideal for anyone who needs it for either travelling or entertainment. Instead of its standard $699.99 you can buy it for $449.99 on sale.

3.Glidecraft M18

This Lambo hoverboard is also UL2272 certified and offers maximum speed of 8-10MPH. Maximum weight limit of the self-balancing scooter is 220lbs and per charge offers 9-12miles of riding range. A 700-watt dual motor, this hoverboard can be great for all kinds of adventures. It also offers Bluetooth speakers along with its sleek style which makes it much more desirable. It was $499.99 before but now you can buy it for $249.99.

4.Halo Rover

Another amazing hoverboard that is not only UL2272 certified but also incorporates a sleek and stylish look is the Halo Rover. It comes with 800 watts of independent dual motors and training modes which help you control your experience. The tires will also provide you maximum grip on uneven roads which is a great quality. One interesting feature is that it offers mobile support so you can power it on and off using your phone. Previously it cost $997.00 but now it is on sale for $597.00.

In short, there is no shortage of models and brands when it comes to hoverboards and you will find all kinds of self-balancing scooters when you are shopping. It is best to look at reviews and whether or not you are satisfied with the batteries, weight-limit, features etc. Read Alien Wheels blog about cheap hoverboard is safe to buy and with a good research you will be able to find the best hoverboard without hassle.

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