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The Cost of Hoverboards – Is This for You?

In the recent past, the need for Hoverboards have increased exponentially – it's significant of youth, hipster, and teenagers who like to display their 'boarding skills on social media or that they prefer it to being an easy mode to travel bearing less travel cost and is eco-friendly. They have been the ultimate acquisition for anyone looking for a versatile, fun, and cost-effective way to transport themselves.

There are quite a few factors that need to be considered when making the purchase. You need to ask yourself, 'Is this really for me?' – it can be a tricky question as you might not understand full well what may be required to make choice, however, we will take you through a series of factors that will serve as a guide.

The Battery Life

Different types of hoverboards have varied battery hours and in some cases, it's possible to use it for the whole day without having to worry about it. In some of the newer models, an indicator will tell you just where you are at so that you don't have to worry about running out of battery when you are out and about. The batteries charge faster when the scooter is being used, it is estimated that you can travel six to eight miles in one hour on the board.

The Size of the Hoverboard

The size of the hoverboard will depend a lot on your height and style, though they are sold almost everywhere it is very rare that you find the type of board with the size that you need. Most often the size of these hoverboards is measured keeping the diameter of the wheel in mind. Like Alien Board hoverboard has 2 options: 6.5 inches wheels and 8.5 inches off road all terrain wheels.

Cost of the Hoverboard

While the exterior of the board may look identical, there's a lot of detailing that may differ from one another. The specifications of each board may differ wildly; while the ones with better quality may command a higher price, the cheaper ones could lack much in quality. The models featuring a sturdier frame could be able to handle the bruises and bumps roads; look out the for dual drive effect that allows a higher range and far more power.


Some Hoverboards come equipped with a keychain and a remote control that can help to have it locked and secure at all times.

Technology for the Total Experience

Some of these hoverboards are now equipped with the total package of including music and entertainment. Now you have the total works as you ride your Hoverboard to and fro. Your neighbours may not like the idea, but you could cruise to all your favourite tunes with the inbuilt Bluetooth capabilities.

Overall Conclusion

We're not sure if the prices and how it will move towards in the future. However, if you are planning to stash away some good money it might as well be a good brand that will last longer and also keep you safe. There could be cheaper hoverboard brands but there is no telling about the effectiveness of the product.

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