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Los Angeles is a Mecca for all types of riders with ample sidewalks and recreational areas specially segregated for walkers, push scooters, roller skaters and of course the ever present Hoverboards that are taking the young and the not so young in a frenzy.

The frenzy to get on a cheap Hoverboard and ride along at speeds of around 15 kilometers per hour and extending it to long runs of a maximum 20 kilometers or more has taken this recreational sport to great heights.

There are many stores that sell Hoverboards and you could get them online too with the brands and selection getting wider everyday with many new entrants to this fast popularizing recreational sport that everyone seems to be enjoying with no holds barred.

Off the counter

You could walk along and select your Hoverboard from the many stores that are dotting the skyline in Los Angeles and there is a very selection of them and you could browse around and select some of the best at very attractive prices too.

Every sport store in Los Angeles would sell the popular brands that you would look for from the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 to many other brands which are now available. The Hoverboard technology has improved and can extend to speeds of 16 kilometers per hour and go on to travel more than 20 kilometers with a fully charged battery.

Most of the Hoverboards now sold in the Los Angeles area are UL 2722 certified therefore most of them are now safe to use and the earlier controversies have now been ironed out.

Carefully looking out for the specific requirements that you would envisage that your Hoverboard would need to have to enjoy the full effect of riding one would depend on what you would choose.

Online purchasing

The online availability of Hoverboards has increased over the last couple of years like the AlienBoard Off Road hoverboard and they would be delivered to your doorstep when you would order one for you.

Most of the online stores offer the best from every brand and it is just a case of selecting what you would want and enjoying what it would have to offer.

Variable speeds, Bluetooth capability, ability to take on and over average individual, long lasting batteries are just some of the features that you could enjoy in some of the newer models made available by the various manufacturers.

Ordering online from the many online Hoverboard stores would make your quest that much more convenient as you would not need to pound the streets and walk from store to store looking for that exact one you would want.

So get online and select the right Hoverboard for you and click on the button and get what you would want from any brand and any model that they have to offer, it is as simple as that.

Once you have your Hoverboard enjoy the ride on any terrain that you would like, sand, dirt or grass and that is what it is like to experience this new gadget in the market.

Happy Hour 7 days a week from 4 pm-9 pm: $3 Domestic       Beer and $1 off everything else
Sunday: Happy Hour all night also $3 Wells, Drafts, Top Shelf       Frozen Margaritas, and $5 Corona-Rita's!
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