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VORTECON - A Cool Alternative to Fidget Spinners

A fidget spinner is a multi-lobed, flat-structured toy consisting of a ball bearing in its center. The lobes can be two or three in number, and it can be made from plastic or metal. You only need to apply little effort for the toy to spin along its axis. It has been around since April 2017 and has become the adopted toy of many people old and young alike. The fidget spinner has overtaken several other similar toys that came before it, but it has been overtaken today by vortecon.

Individuals that find it difficult to focus on a specific task can go for vortecon, and it will help them to pay attention to their tasks. Consequently, it is found useful for managing health conditions like autism and ADHD, same for any other condition related to neurological disorder and anxiety. Despite its unique effect on those who find it difficult to concentrate or focus, it has its own measure of limitation; in fact, it was banned by some schools because it was said to cause a distraction.

What makes VORTECON better than fidget spinner?

The introduction of vortecon is the proven solution to the limitations found in the fidget spinner. Many adults find it awkward to use the fidget spinner because it looks more like a plaything for kids. However, many adults have embraced vortecon because it seems mature and applicable to various end users.

Additionally, there is no scientific evidence backing the positive effect of fidget spinner on treating ADHD; this is not the case with vortecon, which has been proved to be highly effective against the majority of neurological disorders and anxiety, including ADHD and autism. Consequently, those having ADHD can benefit more from vortecon than fidget spinner.

Fidget spinner has recorded several negative reviews, but this had not been the case with vortecon, which has enjoyed only positive reviews since it was made. Though fidget spinner creates a beautiful display when spun, it does not spin as nicely as vortecon, which is another reason to go for the former. Vortecon can be used anywhere, and it can maintain a perpetually spinning state, which may not be achievable with fidget spinner.

In conclusion, you will get more value for money when you buy vortecon. It is available in different types as highlighted below:

  • Stainless steel vortecon
  • Brass vortecon and
  • Copper vortecon

You can go for any of the three that appeals to your fancy. Bear in mind, however, that the price placed one each of them by the vortecon supplier differs; the stainless steel vortecon will cost you $32, while the copper and brass vortecon cost $40 each.

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